These are the words our clients use when stating an outcome for their team’s training requirement. Our client’s engage with us to facilitate the transition of their team’s skill capabilities from current state to a desired future state where their company’s growth potential can be realised.

How is your team capability shaping the vision of your tomorrow?

Epoch Australia’s training programs will influence how people engage with your company. Our programs have been driving team and individual performances for the past 14 years in Australia, South East Asia, Europe and the United States.

Our specialty is soft skill development, educating the fundamentals of how we communicate to our clients and in return how they buy from us. This is the most difficult piece of skill acquisition for any sales person or manager to master.

Our training programs have consistently transformed teams for 14 years with our client testimonials a tribute to the consistency of outcomes we deliver and the impact to both above and below the line numbers.

We need to feel differently and think differently about what we do

This is why our approach to skill development has the uplift it does; we work with a person’s State of Mind. Most training programs only focus on changing behaviours / capabilities. The impact is short term as old habits die hard. Epoch Australia’s sessions first engage with the participant’s emotional intelligence before we commence the soft skill imbedding process.
Epoch Australia continually evolves its training programs to meet client sales and cultural challenges as well as the current economic climate. We ensure our training programs remain relevant thought provoking and stimulating through group role plays that challenge the most entrenched behaviours.

If you have passion and belief in your vision we will deliver the capability      

It is the power of individuals, their talents and expertise at working together which will enable a company to align its vision to its revenue targets. Epoch Australia will ensure your team adapts its new skill capabilities through the implementation of coaching and mentoring reconnect sessions.
OUR AIM: to create the opportunity for your team to utilise skills that inspire their clients to engage, in turn enabling them to deliver on their highest potential.

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